Boys Summer Camp

Tree Climbers: Adult (18+) and Youth (6-11)

Dads, Grandads, Uncles, or any involved men are welcome to bring young men for a bonding outdoor experience!
The world can be a confusing place for a boy today. That is why he needs a rock solid relationship with God, and good examples of what manhood should look like.

This is your opportunity to get away and focus on your relationship with your boy(s) in a beautiful setting that encourages spiritual growth and great outdoor fun.

Picture yourself paddling a canoe together, riding double in a tube behind the boat, knocking down cans with BB guns at the range, or simply sitting together on a rock talking. You will do so much in these 3 days, that you will marvel at how you fit it all in. You will come away with memories that will last both of your lifetimes. On your ride home together you will notice that your relationship is stronger and deeper as a result of your time and experience together.

Our Tree Climber Camp experience typically runs from Sunday afternoon to Wednesday morning, or Wednesday afternoon to Saturday morning, depending on which session you choose.


Sentinels: Ages 8 – 11

Historically, a Sentinel is a lookout or guard whose job is to stand and keep watch. While Sentinels didn’t always see the most action, they played a critical role while they matured and learned the importance of discipline, responsibility, and duty.
Our Sentinel Program is about having fun, learning, and being challenged at a level appropriate to this age. Boys can try their hand at everything from swimming, archery, hiking, air riflery (BB’s), water tubing, building water rockets, and group games to team and individual sports. All activities are closely monitored by our trained and certified staff.

Sentinels enjoy a daily cabin Bible devotion, eating meals with their cabin friends and leaders, and singing songs around the campfire in the evening. Just the right mix of fun and summer action! This is total outdoor adventure at its best!


Batallion: Ages 12 – 17

The Battalion program is a journey straight to the heart of real adventure. Dig down deep and grab all the energy you can find, because you will sure need it. We have Air Soft, Disc Golf, Sailing, Archery, all kinds of Water Sports, .22 Riflery, Canoe Trips, Mountain Climbs and a ton more to choose from. And that is only the stuff to do while the sun is shining. There are night games and great camp fires with lots of fun, skits and a speaker that will challenge you to handle life’s bumps and bruises in a way that will help you grow stronger and draw closer to God. This Battalion camp is so power packed, once you’ve experienced it, you will want to come back for more.


Frontiersmen: Ages 14 – 17

The Frontiersmen program is the first step in Christian Servant Leadership at NEFC. Young men will spend time each day in behind-the -scenes camp service and begin training for Christian Leadership, then enjoy exciting activities like air-soft, riflery, wake-boarding, team building, and much more!

Frontiersmen sessions are two weeks long. Campers can choose one session for two consecutive weeks or multiple sessions for more than two weeks of great Camp fun! Come ready to serve hard, play hard and be challenged to grow stronger in your walk with the Lord. Take the challenge and reap the rewards.


Counselor Training: Ages 15 – 17

The CIT Program is the capstone of the camping experience for young men. For decades, the CIT program at New England Frontier Camp has challenged young men physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to refine and build their character. They are pushed and challenged in ways designed to grow their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. Our CIT’s will build leadership experience into their lives that they can carry with them into manhood.

The program is a six week program, consisting of two weeks of Pre-Camp training with the staff, and the first week of summer program with some intensive activities and projects. Then, during the remaining weeks of the summer camp program, CIT’s are placed in limited program activities and closely observed by the senior staff. Part of this time will be in cabin, other parts will be in-service roles.

Part of our goal with this program is to produce young men who are capable to go on as Junior Counselors and Senior Counselors.

To apply for this program, download the CIT Application Packet and return it to the address listed. If accepted to the program, you will be contacted during the spring by the CIT director with more information to help you better prepare for this life-changing experience.

CIT Application Packet