Camp Leadership

Board of Directors

New England Frontier Camp is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who are passionate about the camp and its programs. Board members represent NEFC and its mission to the New England community; give financially to the ministry according to personal means; serve as stewards of the financial, personnel, program, spiritual, and property resources God has given to the camp; and uphold the NEFC mission statement, statement of faith, and corporate by-laws.

Board members may serve a maximum of two consecutive three-year terms before taking at least a year off the Board. In addition to volunteering in various capacities at the camp—from serving on summer staff to helping out during work weekends—Board members take on specific responsibilities to assist the camp staff in the areas of technology, volunteer recruitment, human resources, alumni relations, development, facilities management, financial management, promotion, program, and prayer.

Current New England Frontier Camp Board of Directors:

Steve Rivers – Camp Director

Chris Bannon – Board President

Dan Gray – Treasurer

Brian Twitchell

Chris Mitchell

Nate “Wally” Jewett

Graham Buck

Jorgen Strycharz

Joel Lowne

Junior Perkins – CSB Representative

Additional NEFC Leadership Staff:

Joy Gray – Health Services Coordinator

Kathy Rivers – Food Service Coordinator

Dan Burgher – Facilities Coordinator

Aaron Pudlo – Camp Clerk