Year End Letter

Year End Letter

Dear Friends of New England Frontier Camp,

As we approach the end of 2017, I always think it’s always a good time to not only reflect back on things in the past, but also to look forward to things in the future. This is true not only in my personal life, but also in the life of the ministry of New England Frontier Camp.

Over 50 years ago, NEFC began operations on the shores of Kezar Lake. Over that time there have been many ups and downs. In the ups, and in the downs, God has continued using this place and those who serve here to impact lives for Christ!

As I consider the state of camp today, and look towards the future, I see many signs of growth. I see great progress in our camper outreach. In 2016 we had a total of 168 camper weeks for the summer, while in 2017 we had a total of 224 camper weeks – a 33% increase. In addition, our Day Camp program reached 95 boys and girls in the Lovell and surrounding areas. This is a significant increase over last summer, and we are excited about the impact we have had in the community. We are setting a goal for a similar growth for camper numbers in 2018, and for a similar impact on the local community during our Day Camp.

I also see opportunities for greater partnership with our alumni, friends and supporters. Specifically, we see great progress on our new dormitory. A crew was able to get the porch completed a few weeks ago, as well as to make great progress on the shingle siding. This project has turned a corner, and is moving toward the finish line, and now is our opportunity to make the final push, both in terms of the hands-on work to be done, as well as securing the last round of finances needed to complete this work.

Altogether, there are several specific ways in which I would like to ask for you to consider partnering with us in the months ahead. First and foremost, will you continue to pray for the ministry? We can make all the plans in the world and work to raise all kinds of money for various needs, but if we do not have the support in prayer from you, our partners, it will be for nothing. We’d love to know you are praying for us!

Also, as with the above-mentioned new dorm, we have an ongoing need for partners on projects of various kinds. One of the ways we keep our costs down, both for major capital improvements, as well as regular seasonal maintenance on the property, is by relying heavily on volunteer labor. Do you have a weekend you could spend at camp working up firewood? How about doing some work on roofs? Do you have plumbing expertise, or electrical expertise? Perhaps you just want to rake some leaves, mow some lawns, or shovel some snow? We are constantly looking for people in all these areas to help out. If you can provide some assistance, please email camp at and provide us with your contact information and what skills you have to offer.

Of course, as is the case with every ministry, there is always the need, and opportunity, for developing a stronger network of financial support for this work. As already mentioned, we are currently working to raise the final round of funding in order to finish the new building project.  Additionally, with the close of the summer program season, we are working to wrap up the bills for the current budget year. There are some specific needs in this area that I would like to ask you to consider:

First, would you consider giving a special, end-of-year gift? If we can raise approximately $37,000 by the end of the calendar year, it would allow us to become current on all bills, including staff payroll. In addition we would also like to pay off our $23,000 Line of Credit. We have made progress this year in bringing the balance down, but it would be amazing to be free of this lingering financial burden from years past. Altogether, if we can raise approximately $60,000 by the end of the calendar year, we could move into 2018 on a stronger footing, and our efforts could focus much more on promoting camp to boys and young men, recruiting a quality staff, and building an even stronger program. Click to make a Year-End Gift

The second request is to help us meet a matching grant for camp director support. We have a unique opportunity in this area, as this year we were awarded a matching grant of $5,000 for camp director support,  which will activate once we have raised that amount with new supporters of the camp director. The foundation is limiting us to $500 per person, and we have already raised about $1000 of that amount. So we need another $4000, spread over several people, to reach this goal. Can you help with this?   Click for Camp Director Support Gift

The third need is our building project. We estimate that an additional $65,000 will complete this project, will provide over 60 bunks for both rentals and program use in the Fall, Winter, and Spring, as well as needed space for support staff in the summer. This project will allow us to become a much sought-after space for church retreats, youth group retreats, and more, bringing more people into camp. Can you help us by either volunteering time or helping financially?  Click to Support our Building Fund

Fourth is our scholarship fund. A couple of years ago we established the Andrew Burgher Memorial Scholarship Fund, which allows us to provide summer camp to boys who otherwise couldn’t afford it. This past year we gave out $1910 worth of scholarships. If we can increase that available amount, we can offer financial assistance to more boys who need help getting to camp.  Click to Support our Scholarship Fund

Finally, is a request for the future. In order to better predict revenue and plan for expenses, it is helpful to have a large group of supporters who contribute monthly to the ministry. Whether someone commits several hundred dollars per month, or only five dollars per month, is less important than the fact that we know this money is coming in on a regular basis. Would you be willing to make a commitment for 2018 to contribute monthly to this ministry? All amounts are welcome and automatic donations can be established. Please pray about this, and earnestly consider partnering with our ministry in changing lives.

Will you join me in making a strong end to 2017, and a great start to 2018?

Thank you for your support of this ministry. We cannot operate without your prayers, labor, and financial support. Looking forward to another 50 years on Kezar Lake.

Serving him WITH you,

The Twitch

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Brian A. Twitchell ~ NEFC Board President