Donate Today!

New England Frontier Camp relies heavily on donations to enable us to keep our camper registration costs affordable, and to provide scholarships to those who are unable to afford our camp experience.

NEFC is a 501 (c) 3 organization under the rules of the IRS, and your donations are tax deductible. All donors will receive a mailed receipt within a month of their donations. Donors with email addresses on file will receive an email acknowledgment immediately upon receipt of an online donation. All donors will receive an end of year acknowledgment listing their donations for the year.

We have 5 specific areas of need to which you can donate:

Our General Operations account pays expenses like utilities, repairs, and maintenance. Additionally, the Camp Director’s monthly salary comes out of this account, as well as things such as office expenses, brochure printing, and postage. In order to meet our absolute bare minimum expenses, we need $3,500 per month that is given to Operations.

Donations to Operations do not carry the same emotional fulfillment, as donations to building projects, camper scholarships, or other such areas.  However the donations given for operations are the core of what is needed for us to be able to offer the programs we offer.  Regular, ongoing gifts to operations allows us to continue reaching boys and young men for Jesus Christ. Please click here to donate to General Operations.

Our Capital Improvement fund allows us to have resources available for construction of new buildings as needed, in addition to major repairs as they become necessary. With some of our buildings nearing 100 years of age, ongoing repairs are a necessary part of our expenses. Donations to this fund will be designated for Capital Improvements where needed most. Please click here to donate to the Capital Improvement Fund.

Currently we are paying our Camp Director at about 50% of his salary.  This payment is made out of the Operations fund.  Money that is donated specifically for the Camp Director salary will be paid in addition to the base amount already committed each month.  Our goal is to raise enough regular giving to this account so completely cover the Camp Director salary and associated taxes. Please click here to donate to the Camp Director Fund.

Andrew Burgher Memorial Scholarship Fund

Even with our reduced fees, there are many families that have a hard time affording camp tuition for their son. If they have more than one boy, it is even more difficult. This is where Camper Scholarships can truly be a blessing to these boys and their families.

The more that is given for our scholarship fund, the more we can help boys spend a week at camp, who might otherwise be unable to attend. Please click here to donate to the Scholarship Fund.

Frontier Camp has a long history, and many people have been impacted by the ministry. Some families have requested that we establish a memorial fund in memory of loved ones who have passed away. The money given in memory of someone is all sent to increase the balance of our endowment fund. This endowment fund will provide long term income for many more years to come. Please click here to give a gift in memory of someone who has passed away.